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Episode 01 - The Quest for the Rings

On this leap day in the year 2016, a podcast was borne from the ether and unleashed unto the world. From the untamed lands twixt the wartorn realms of board games and video games, two intrepid explorers examine long-forgotten artifacts. A crumbling structure, the Arcade Castle is the only place these misbegotten games and antiquities can call home. But can these explorers survive the trials and tribulations these games will call upon them or will they go mad trying?

In this debut episode, the Arcade Castle takes a look at The Quest For The Rings, a game from the Master Strategy Series on the Odyssey II from 1981. Can an atari-era game hold up to today's gaming demands? Will the master strategy series live up to its name?

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Episode Outline:

00:00-15:00: Introduction to the podcast, including why we want to do a podcast and our reasons behind it.

15:00-34:00: History of the game and gameplay overview

34:00-54:00: An in-depth examination of the guiding principles that de…