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Why Did I Ritually Sacrifice a Board Game During The Great American Eclipse?

Well, as much ritual as one could muster without any official rules on the subject.

aaannd.....technically a card game vs. a board game.....

Well, I suppose the short answer would be that I thought it would be funny to sacrifice a board game during the eclipse.


Such events throughout our history are often laden with layers of symbolism and significance. From the more 'on-the-nose' sacrifices of the proverbial virgin into the volcano, to simply skipping a few meals, sacrifices have been made for any number of reasons. But the question here is more specific. Why did I sacrifice The Oregon Trail Card Game? Or, more accurately, why did I attempt to sacrifice it?


It survived. 

Well....for the most part....

Despite letting it burn itself out, I was surprised to see that the game was, to a large degree, still present in some form or fashion. The only thing to get fully obliterated was the D6 and the sides of the box. Even the top and bottom of the box survived. Another odd fact was…